All About Teeth Whitening in Tuscaloosa

There is nothing more beautiful than a bright, white smile. Having white teeth that are free of stains gives you the confidence that you need to smile big. If your teeth have yellowed with age or are stained due to bad habits, health issues, or medications, there is hope. With the newest whitening options, your teeth can become many shades whiter, giving you back your beautiful smile.

For Teeth Whitening In Tuscaloosa services, you will need to check with your dentist. Most general dentists perform some degree of tooth whitening, but you may want to check out the services of a cosmetic dentist to ensure that you are offered all of the services that you might be interested in.

When you go for your Teeth Whitening Tuscaloosa appointment, your dentist will first examine your teeth and gums to make sure that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Your dentist will then thoroughly clean your teeth and floss them. This removes any plaque and surface stains so that your whitening agent can adhere to the teeth and penetrate them, for the best whitening possible.

During your Teeth Whitening Tuscaloosa appointment, you will have the whitening agent applied and then you will most likely wear a special tray that keeps the solution on your teeth as it works its magic. The tray helps to keep your saliva from washing away the solution so that your dentist can apply a special light that helps the solution to work.

Most people are able to achieve major whitening results with as little as one visit. Depending on the degree of staining that you have, you may need to be seen at subsequent visits to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Once your teeth have been whitened, they may feel a little sensitive for a couple of days. This is normal and your dentist will go over instructions that can help you to care for your teeth. With the latest tooth whitening services, you will be amazed at how much whiter your teeth can become. Now, you will be able to face the world with a beautiful smile.

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