Air Brush Make Up and Eyelash Extensions at Salons in Omaha

air brush make up Omaha is a special salon service that offers anyone a flawless makeup application just like professional makeup artists use on celebrity clients for important events and photo shoots. A full face application includes not just airbrushing on the foundation, but also doing full eye makeup, blush, and lips. Salons may offer a special bridal package that includes a practice session to experiment to get the right look ahead of time for the wedding day, when there’s no room for taking chances. Then, on the day of the wedding, the salon artist already knows the exact look the bride wants.

Airbrush makeup is the newest makeup technique being offered at salons. The makeup is applied in a fine, delicate mist using a little tool no bigger than a pen. When applied with a skilled hand, the appearance looks like natural skin. The client never has to worry about having that line of demarcation around the jaw line that shows where the makeup starts. The makeup also doesn’t clump in fine lines and creases and emphasize any little flaw. Because it’s a fine mist, it gently covers the skin evenly and beautifully.

Part of the salon services for air brush make up Omaha also includes using false eyelashes, but not the typical false eyelashes. These are individual eyelash extensions, and they look very different from traditional false eyelashes. These are applied individually for a much more natural appearance. Individually applied lashes are what professional makeup artists use on their celebrity clients.

These individual eyelash extensions are really impossible for anyone to detect, unlike the eyelash strips, which normally are the entire row of upper and lower lashes. Each lash is glued on individually for thick, full lashes. What’s even better is that no mascara is required. There’s no worrying and checking the mirror for the dreaded raccoon eyes or black dots of running mascara under the eyes or on the eyelids. The best news of all may be how long they last. With care, they can last four to six weeks. It’s quite possible that getting eyelash extensions once a month may be less expensive than buying mascara.

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