Advantages of Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Toms River after an Injury

There are many situations where a child may become injured and a tooth is accidently knocked from their mouth. This can occur while the child is partaking in different types of sports or it can happen during their play. No matter how the incident occurs, it can be very painful to the child and quite stressful for their parents as well. Knowing of a good Emergency Dentist in Toms River can be helpful to both the child and his or her parents.

Anytime a person of any age loses a tooth in an accident, there are certain steps that should be taken to give an Emergency Dentist in Toms River the best chance at saving the tooth. When dealing with this type of situation, one of the first things that will need to be done is to make sure the injured person is stable. This means that if they are bleeding a lot, this needs to be stopped by putting pressure on the wound. If the injured person appears disoriented or is having any other types of problems that could indicate the injury was more severe than just a lost tooth, they should be taken to an emergency room at the nearest hospital. Head trauma can be very serious and the emergency staff at a hospital will be able to check the patient out to make sure they are stable.

If the tooth being knocked out is the most severe of the issues, then getting the person to an Emergency Dentist in Toms River will be the best bet. It is important to locate and bring the tooth to the dentist’s office. When handling the tooth, it cannot be touched other than along the eating ridge. In addition, the tooth needs to be kept moist. Since a tooth can dry out rapidly, it will need to be placed in liquid during the trip to the dentist’s office. Many first aid kits contain a special formula for this. However, milk or saliva can be used. In many cases, if the tooth can be placed back in the patient’s mouth, this can be a good option to carry it to the dentist’s office. Visit Lakewood NJ Family Dental for more information on dentistry services.

Once at the office the General Dentist on call will be able to assess the patient’s condition. If they note any physical issues, they may send the patient to the hospital. Otherwise, they will begin treatments to try to save the tooth. Read more

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