Advantages of Buying Prescription Reading Glasses From Optical Stores in NYC Compared to Rack Models

After an optometrist or ophthalmologist checks the health of a patient’s eyes and the need for vision correction, a recommendation may be made for prescription reading glasses. A middle-aged patient likely already realizes that the ability to focus close up has been decreasing and may even have bought some drugstore spectacles to use for reading. Are there any reasons to buy prescription lenses from Optical Stores in NYC instead of cheap, over-the-counter products?


Consumers might consider the advantages of shopping for glasses at boutique Optical Stores in NYC compared with buying specs off the rack at the pharmacy. Perhaps most importantly, the strength of magnification is customized for the individual. In many cases, the vision correction needed is a bit different for each eye. Also, if the person has any amount of nearsightedness, prescription lenses can correct for that problem as well. The close-up focusing part of the lens is along the bottom.

Style and Fit

Another consideration is that a boutique store like Charlotte Jones Opticians carries an excellent selection of stylish frames from high-end designers. People who need to wear their glasses often may prefer this kind of eyewear rather than cheap off-the-rack products. The frames are fitted for each customer by the opticians to ensure comfort and ideal placement of the corrective lenses on the face. This is another important part of the personalization process.


Also, the frames will be more durable and less likely to break. Of course, that doesn’t matter so much with cheap drugstore frames that can easily be replaced. Prescription lenses may be clearer and can be ordered with protective coatings to prevent scratches.

Preventing Eyestrain

Because they aren’t customized, over-the-counter versions can cause eyestrain. They are normally useful for people who need reading glasses occasionally, such as to look over a restaurant menu. For individuals who need magnification to comfortably read a book, newspaper, or magazine, prescription lenses will probably be advisable. Otherwise, eyestrain can cause tired, itchy eyes along with headaches and an overall feeling of fatigue. Reading and doing close-up projects like needlework are more enjoyable with the prescription lenses.

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