Advantages of a Property Management Waste Service for Apartment Complexes

A property management waste service is helpful for tenants of apartment complexes. A dumpster in the parking lot, along with containers for recyclables, makes life more convenient for the residents. That’s why most owners and property managers of apartment buildings contract with a company providing the equipment.

Convenience Factors

Most city residents must set their trash and recyclable items out on specific days for municipal pickup. With an on-site dumpster and containers for recyclables at an apartment complex, the residents can put these things out at their convenience.

An on-site dumpster from a property management waste service allows tenants to use any type of garbage bag. That includes paper and plastic bags they get when shopping. There is no requirement to buy specific sizes or colors.

Having a large waste disposal container on the property also is helpful for tenants who are moving. Typically, these residents want to get rid of some junk, especially if they have lived here for a long time. They can simply toss it all into the dumpster. The container might even be large enough to hold furniture.


Landlords must be sure that all residents have access to a list of items that cannot be placed in these containers. Residents might receive the list when they move in, and lists can be posted in common areas. Electronics, flammable liquids, and tires are examples of items that many waste service companies do not allow.

Rental property owners and managers who are interested in renting waste disposal containers may contact Waste Control Incorporated with details provided at (888) 855-8559.

If you found this information helpful and would like to explore more, please visit Waste Control.

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