Advantages in Seeing Professional Dentists for Teeth Whitening in Ocean Gate

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Dentist

Seeing a general dentist for Teeth Whitening in Ocean Gate can often be the best choice for anyone who is concerned with the color of his or her teeth. Many people today are looking for ways to remove stains and discoloration from their teeth. A number of products can be purchased in department and drug stores for this purpose. Unfortunately, these products do not always produce the best results. This can be especially true if a person has teeth that are severely stained.

When Visiting a Teeth Whitening Dentist in Ocean Gate he or she will generally begin the treatment by making sure that the patient’s teeth have been professionally cleaned within the last few months. If not, the dentist may choose to have a professional cleaning done to the teeth before the whitening treatments are began. In doing this, they can eliminate any areas with tartar or plaque buildup, which can interfere with the whitening process.

The dentist will also fit the patient for a dental tray to be used in the process from Teeth Whitening in Ocean Gate. By fitting the tray to the patient’s mouth, it will take on the unique shape of the person’s jaw and teeth. This will enable a good fit so that the whitening product can coat each tooth evenly and thoroughly.

A dentist will use whitening gels or foams that are of a much stronger level than those, which are sold in retail whitening kits. This can enhance the whitening that is done to the patients’ teeth and cause the process to be accomplished in a much faster time period. In addition, a dentist will have UV lamps or laser lights, which can be applied to the product to further activate it.

When the product is activated, it will break down into oxygen particles that can move into the pores of the patient’s teeth and begin working to break apart the stains or discolorations in the teeth. When these elements are dissolved, then more light will come into the tooth. This makes it look brighter and whiter as well.

Most patients will be able to see results after the first treatment. Many times only one visit may be needed. However, if the patient has severe discoloration or stains, they may need to visit the dentist for a few treatments.

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