Advantages and Benefits of Commercial Access Control in Chicago

Commercial Access Control Chicago

Do you need help with commercial access control in Chicago? This company’s powerful solution can secure each access point in the compound. Employees will be given biometric identification devices, so they can keep them secure. In addition to biometric badges, they can utilize a secure smartphone app for entry and exit. Key fobs are an additional option, protecting employees and data.

Commercial Alarm Systems

A professional technician can survey your building’s location and give recommendations. After surveying the site, they can install and test the ideal monitoring solution. It will protect the premises against burglary, fire, CO, and other threats.

Sensors go on all the doors and window frames, creating a secure perimeter. If there are a large number of windows, a shatter sensor can be installed to monitor them. Motion sensors go inside the structure whenever it should be unoccupied.

Fire Alarm

Thousands of companies suffer from fire damage each year. Installing a monitored fire protection system can decrease the risk for the business and its employees. Each building’s fire situation is unique, so it needs an in-person inspection. A trained technician can inspect the building for potential fire hazards. Then, they can create a personalized fire solution, securing the compound.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is captured in crystal clear HD format, and they can link it to your CCTV network. In addition to accessing, it from the usual sources, you can also take a look at it from your phone. They can install dome, bullet, and thermal camera models.

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