About Workers Comp Hawaii

Workers comp Hawaii or workers’ compensation is a type of insurance. It provides you, as the employee, with wage replacement and additional medical benefits. These are provided to employees who have been injured while on the job. Before you can really claim any insurance benefit, an employee who is injured should always report to the employer or company that they have been injured. It’s also important to provide all of the medical information to the employer or company in order to let them know exactly what the injury is and what you expect in terms of recovery for it.

If you are injured on the job and you live in Hawaii, then you can qualify for Workers comp Hawaii. In order for someone to claim workers’ recompense, however, the injured person will have to fill out an insurance form from the insurer in order to get any reimbursement. Once you have completed this form and have spoken to the insurer about the injury or injuries, the company can then offer what are called temporary accountable payments. In the majority of cases, this payment is made within seven days or so. During this seven days time period, the insurance company will examine the details of the employee’s injury. A decision is then made by the insurer and is based on the extent of the employee’s injuries, and from there he or she will decide on whether or not to disburse the payment.

Workers comp Hawaii includes benefits such as:

  1. The workers’ compensation will provide medical treatments as well as expenses. This includes everything from emergency care, to treatments and any follow-up treatments with the physiotherapy visits, the doctor, and the transportation costs.
  2. Workers comp Hawaii should also provide payments for your time off of work for recovery.
  3. In addition, it can also offer payments in regards to any possible permanent injuries. Sometimes an injury can result in permanent physical injury, which in turn can negatively affect an employee’s ability to perform certain tasks at work.
  4. Workers comp Hawaii will provide vocational rehabilitation services as well. If an employee ends up needing to change his or her job, they can do so. In many cases, it also pays for re-education and/or retraining.

Workers comp Hawaii is definitely important should you end up getting hurt or injured while on the job. It will provide you with the necessary means in order for you to be able to recover, and not lose any pay for it. As state above, it will even cover for everything from transportation costs, to the costs of the rehabilitation and more.


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