A Workers Compensation Lawyer Near Peru Represents Clients Hurt at Night

Men and women who work nights are more likely to apply for workers’ compensation than employees on day shifts are. There are a few distinct reasons for this. If the benefits provider disputes the claim or stops payments before the person can safely return to work, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer near Peru may be advisable.

They Aren’t Night Owls

One reason that nighttime poses a greater risk for work accidents is that most people aren’t night owls. They may have problems being completely alert at 2 a.m. That’s a particular hazard if these employees operate machinery or perform physical labor.

Trouble Sleeping During Daytime Hours

Many individuals have trouble sleeping during the day, even after working nights for several months. That can reduce their alertness because of fatigue and drowsiness. Someone who has been injured because of an error made due to fatigue cannot, by law, be denied workers comp. If the insurer does deny the claim, a workers’ compensation lawyer near Peru is ready to assist.

Rotating Shifts

A related problem involves routinely switching between day and night shifts. Some individuals alternate among first, second, and third shifts. These types of schedules are known as rotating shifts. These workers have a regularly disrupted sleep pattern. Fatigue is relatively common among rotating shift workers.

Scheduling a Consultation

Employees who have problems with claim approval may want to schedule a free consultation with a workers’ compensation lawyer. Learn about Wilson Law Office, LLC by scheduling a consultation.

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