A Variety of Foods from a Hyde Park Restaurant Specializing in Donuts

A group of co-workers with a variety of preferences for sweet foods may have no trouble ordering everything they want at a restaurant specializing in donuts in Hyde Park. The options include a broad range of flavors and styles. Customers who don’t consume any animal products will be pleased, as will those who do not eat gluten.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Donuts

People may wonder how donuts in Hyde Park could possibly be vegan. The bakers might not want to give away their secret recipe, but they assure customers that foods labeled vegan contain no animal products. That means the donuts are not made with lard, butter, milk, or eggs. Customers who avoid consuming gluten are happy to see menu items that don’t include this ingredient.

Anyone skeptical that these donuts could taste great only has to give one a try to verify the delicious flavor.

Ice Cream

It’s hard for most people to imagine, but some folks simply aren’t that thrilled about donuts. The group of co-workers will appreciate finding a restaurant that serves ice cream shakes in addition to baked goods. That satisfies those who prefer their sweet treats in the form of ice-cold dairy products.

Savory Options

What about individuals who aren’t in the mood for donuts or ice cream? Perhaps they are in the mood for something savory. A restaurant serving items like breakfast burritos and grilled cheese sandwiches might be ideal. All of these foods are offered by Stan’s Donuts & Coffee. For more information, contact them today.

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