A Tree Service Can Save Your Trees From Pests

Trees are very important for the environment, because aside from the fact that they enhance air quality, preserve soil and conserve water, trees look beautiful and support wildlife. This is why you should focus on proper tree maintenance to ensure your tree doesn’t fall victim to Sudden Oak Death Syndrome (SOD). Some signs and symptoms of tree problems include opposite branching patterns and compound leaves. If you notice upper and outer crown dieback, epicormic sprouting, woodpecker feeding or bark sprouts on your trees, pests or diseases are likely present. A tree surgeon should then be contacted, so that your tree maintenance needs can be taken care of.

Common Tree Pests

Making yourself aware of some common tree pests will help you prevent plant infections. Small winged insects like whiteflies can cause infestations, as can aphids and microscopic thrips. These pests enjoy sucking the fluid from trees, plants and other wooded perennials. A scouring pad can be used to remove scales, which are related to aphids. Unless you contact a tree service expert in Fayetteville GA to deal with infestations from these common pests, diseases could spread and the tree might have to be chopped down altogether!

Common Tree Diseases

So, what diseases can be spread by whiteflies, aphids, thrips and scales, you ask? Well, quite a few actually. A fungi-based disease is Anthracnose, which tends to appear after heavy rainfall or sprinkler use. Mulch can be scattered around the tree to stop Anthracnose from spreading. A bacterial-based disease is Fire Blight, but you only need to worry about this disease attacking rose bushes and plants in the rose family. If you notice that the roots on your trees are decaying, Oak Root Fungus might be causing the problem. A whitish fungal tissue will appear if Oak Root Fungus is present, so examine the tree regularly. Powdery Mildew, and Verticillium Wilt can also mildly affect trees, but can be treated in the early stages.

How to Resolve the Problem

The way in which the problem is resolved will depend on which tree expert you work with and the severity of the issue. It will begin with a comprehensive inspection of the tree and surrounding area, before treatments are recommended. Trimming around the infected areas, removing diseased tissue and spraying mildew with garlic spray are just a few examples of treatments for pathogens and fungal diseases.

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