A Social Security Attorney in Missouri Can Help Advocate For You

Filing a Social Security Disability Claim takes a lot of work and preparation. If you are dealing with a disability, this work can be even more overwhelming. Ease the process of your claim by hiring a Social Security attorney in Missouri to help you.

Help You Prepare Your Paperwork and Collect Evidence

All Social Security Disability claims require a lot of paperwork. You will need to provide information about your work history. You will also need to provide information about your impairment and how this medically limits the work that you can do. An attorney can help you fill out this paperwork and will make sure you include important information.

They can also help you collect the evidence you will need for your hearing. This includes medical as well as work documents. Your attorney will make sure you have all the evidence on hand that you need for your hearing.

Prepare You For Your Hearing

Most all applicants for Social Security Disability have to testify at their hearing. You will have to explain why you should be eligible to receive benefits. Your attorney can help prepare you for this process. You can practice and answering the questions you will most likely be asked. That way, you will not be nervous and you will know what to say to help your claim when you have to testify.

If you have any witnesses you will be calling, your attorney can also prep them as well. That way they are also prepared.

Advocate For You During Your Hearing

Your attorney will represent you during your case. They can make an opening statement for you. They can question any witnesses you call or that are called against you. They can question witnesses for you. Your attorney will know what type of questions to ask to support your claim. They can object to evidence they do not think should be taken into consideration. They can cross examine any doctors who are called to the stand. Finally, they can make a compelling final statement for you. An attorney is a great asset when you are filing a Social Security Disability Claim.

A lot is at stake when you file a Social Security Disability Claim. A Social Security Attorney in Missouri can help you get the benefits you need. For more information about how an attorney can help you with your claim, contact the Grundy Disability Group.

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