A Professional Teeth Cleaning In Tuscaloosa Can Make Your Teeth Shine

Good oral hygiene plays an important role in having a beautiful smile. Without regular brushing and flossing, a person’s teeth can become dull and develop tarter. Teeth Cleaning In Tuscaloosa can help to eliminate the build-up by professionally removing it from the surface of the teeth. Renaissance Dental serves the residents of the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area with both general and cosmetic dentistry, and they can assist you with professional teeth cleaning. If you weren’t born with a perfect smile, they can help to create one for you.

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A clean white smile can give you the confidence that will open up doors at work, as well in your social life. Routine dental exams play an important role in keeping your smile looking its best. By seeing a dentist at Renaissance Dental regularly, any problem developing in the mouth can be detected early on and corrected long before it becomes a major one. Gum disease, decay, broken or injured teeth, and any type of pain or concern in the mouth should be addressed as soon as it’s noticed. Since our teeth are needed throughout our lifetime, proper care is necessary to keep them strong and healthy.

Teeth that become stained over time may need a little more assistance than just brushing alone can provide. Renaissance Dental will begin by doing a complete exam, taking X-rays to look for hidden issues and professionally remove any plaque that is on the teeth. If the teeth are not as white as you’d like them after having Teeth Cleaning In Tuscaloosa done, there are a variety of cosmetic dental options to help you achieve the desired look. Teeth Whitening is one choice that can brighten the teeth anywhere from 4-8 shades lighter. For teeth that need restorative or repair work, porcelain laminated veneers can be placed on the teeth to cover up any imperfections or permanent damage. Since the veneers are bonded to the teeth, no one will be able to tell that you’ve had them added. All that they’ll see is a beautiful smile.

Beautiful clean white teeth are well within your reach. By doing routine oral care at home, and seeing a dentist at Renaissance Dental regularly, your teeth will be healthy and look their very best at all times. If your smile needs a little more help, cosmetic dentistry has options to give you the smile that Mother Nature didn’t provide.

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