A Mold Inspection in Alexandria, VA Helps Families and Buildings Avoid Worse Problems

Benign neglect is often the path of least resistance many homeowners take to problems that arise in their dwellings, and there may be times when that method of maintenance is justified. However, homeowners are becoming more aware of the numerous issues that can quickly become serious when mold problems are present. Being unaware of mold growing in in a damp area or ignoring it leads to more than just potential damage to the structure. A family’s health can be seriously impacted if mold is allowed to take hold and flourish. That’s why Mold Inspection in Alexandria VA is essential.

Mold spores are present in the air at all times, but they don’t cause problems until they come in contact with moisture in a home. Then the spores are able to grow to the point they begin causing health problems, first for sensitive people and then for anyone who spends time in the structure. Molds can produce allergic reactions on skin or in nasal passages. Reactions can range from hay fever-type problems such as sneezing and red eyes to skin irritations that result in rashes. The reactions can also take the form of asthma symptoms. People who have compromised immune systems may even experience life-threatening illnesses.

A building itself isn’t immune to the damaging effects of mold either. Mold needs moisture to thrive, so it’s almost guaranteed that mold growth is the result of a leak somewhere in the building. Continuously leaking water damages the building materials it impacts, leading to a compromised structure. The mold itself is also harmful to its host material. Since it’s a fungus made up of a number of cells, the organism must have something to eat. That’s typically the material on which it’s growing and thriving. Mold left unchecked can eat through walls, floors, and other materials, leading to their failure.

A qualified mold inspection company can help homeowners determine whether mold has become a problem and remove it if needed. PMSI Mold Treatment Division in Alexandria offers a two-part system that kills existing mold, cleans adjacent areas and prevents the return of the fungal invader. Homeowners who are concerned about mold in their homes need to call PMSI to set up a Mold Inspection in Alexandria VA that will help ensure it is removed and won’t return.

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