A House Cleaning Service in Shawnee, KS Offers Various Types of Schedules

For many types of home services, people cannot simply go the website and get pricing by typing in some information. That’s sometimes the case for a House Cleaning Service in Shawnee KS, as the representatives may want to know some specifics about the project and perhaps even visit the home before providing a quote.

Pricing Transparency

When homeowners want to know the prices for General Cleaning Services and deep cleaning before they correspond more directly with representatives, they’ll choose a company like Lulu & Mimi’s Cleaning. They appreciate the transparency of the pricing structure provided on the website.


The cleaning service will want to know beforehand whether any pets live in the home. The customers are expected to keep pets confined if they might pose any problems for the workers.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning tackles everything in the home that people tend to neglect while also completing the more general cleaning tasks. For example, many men and women tend to forget about wiping down the baseboards and cleaning the dust that accumulates in corners by door-jambs. They may never get around to using oil-based soap on the wood cabinetry throughout the home.


With this type of House Cleaning Service in Shawnee KS, customers can have the work done on a regular schedule or just as a one-time service. They might decide to have professional house cleaning done weekly or a couple of times each month. The one-time service is useful if the residents have fallen behind on housekeeping chores because they’ve been so busy. It’s also sometimes desirable to get the home looking great before important company arrives.

For regular cleaning services, the customers may like to be home during the first appointment or two for their own peace of mind. Soon they’ll trust the workers to complete the tasks while they are at their own jobs. It’s okay for household residents to be at home, however, as sometimes this cannot be avoided. One person may work full-time from a home office, for example. An individual may need this service because he or she is disabled and is home most of the time.

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