A Felony Lawyer Chicago Needs to be Hired if You Have Been Accused of Committing a Felony

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A felony charge is trouble for you and your family. You cannot assume it was all a mistake and you will be cleared. Many people have thought this, and the only path cleared was the one to jail.Your only option is to retain an attorney immediately.

The quicker a Felony Lawyer Chicago gets involved the quicker the wheels of justice will start moving in your direction. There are three results a lawyer could bring about:

  • Find a flaw in the prosecutor’s case.

  • Find an error in the chain of evidence.

  • Investigate the backgrounds of witnesses

  • Negotiate a plea bargain

  • Conduct a trial which would find you not guilty.

An experienced criminal attorney can prevent events like Thomas Morton who spent 27 years in a Texas prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Morton did not have an attorney who could force producing evidence which the prosecutor hid, and which would have cleared Morton before he went to trial.

The laws on criminal activity are complex and they are confusing to the person who is not an attorney. The complexities of the laws are caused by the way one law interacts with another law, and by the precedent cases which override a law. What you read in a law book may not be the law because a higher court ruled the law to be unconstitutional, so the higher court actually amended the law. Only a Felony Lawyer Chicago will know how to find these amendments and apply them to your case if possible.

A criminal lawyer will get into the background of the witnesses to see if they have a bad history which can help you. A Texas man was actually a frequent witness to having knowledge of crimes he actually did not witness. When just one criminal lawyer did his job and investigated the background of the witness, he discovered that the witness was a pathological liar who took great pleasure in putting the “evil ones’ behind bars.

If the case proceeds to a trial, then the prosecutor will be challenged by an experienced criminal lawyer who can get at the truth and weaken the prosecutor’s argument to the point where reasonable doubt is established and this is all needed to find the accused not guilty. John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. has the experience to do this.

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