A Clinic Providing Urgent Care In New Jersey Treats Children Who Become Ill Or Injured During The School Day

When a child comes home from school early in the day complaining of a sore throat, earache, or constant coughing, the parents might decide to bring the youngster to a clinic for Urgent Care in Somerset County NJ. That way, they know the child can receive same-day diagnosis and begin treatments promptly instead of having to wait for a regular appointment.

Examples of Illnesses in Urgent Care

Practitioners providing Urgent Care in Somerset County NJ might diagnose a strep throat, an ear infection, or bronchitis. All of those illnesses may be treated with prescription medication. Diseases like strep throat, caused by a bacterial infection, tend to respond swiftly to antibiotic treatment. The child will probably feel remarkably better within just a few hours and can return to school in a day or two. The opportunity for fast treatment means the youngster won’t need to miss as much class time.

Injuries Requiring Urgent Care

Children are sometimes injured at school and need treatment at a facility such as Central Jersey Urgent Care Clinic In Somerset. The natural energy of young kids combined with their relative lack of coordination, physical skill, and general experience leads to many injuries like this being seen by urgent care practitioners.

In some instances, the school nurse can handle the problem, but not if the injury involves a bone fracture or a laceration that requires stitches. Urgent care also is appropriate for a child that suffers a puncture wound, in which case a tetanus booster shot may be advisable.

Chronic Health Problems

Fast medical care may sometimes be necessary for youngsters with chronic health problems. Asthma is an example. Kids with asthma can develop shortness of breath that is effectively treated at a clinic. They may have lost their rescue inhaler or let it run out without telling their parents.

Physicians and Physician Assistants

At an urgent care center, the child may be seen by physicians or physician assistants. The assistants have completed extensive education and training that allows them to do much of the work medical doctors are usually responsible for. This lets clinics treat more patients who need fast attention for an illness or injury.

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