A Child Visitation Attorney in Stroudsburg, PA Will Help You Through Emotional Times

Trying to determine who a child will live with and how much time each parent will have visitation with them can be an emotional time for both parents. With the help of a child visitation attorney in Stroudsburg PA, the process will be easier, and the individual will be able to make the right legal choices that affect their child. An attorney will explain physical and legal custody, visitation, grandparents’ custody, and much more.

Best Interests of the Child

The Pennsylvania law has been continuous in pursuing the best interests of a child in every custody determination. The court will look at all factors that affect a child’s best interests including the bond a child has with each parent, a child’s preference, which parent has been the primary caregiver, and any other custody arrangements. The court will also consider any criminal record of both parents and whether either parent has any history of substance abuse.

Joint Custody

Joint custody is also called shared custody when both parents have continuous contact with their child. Shared custody doesn’t always mean that both parents will have equal time with a child. Parents can have joint legal and physical custody of a child.

Legal Custody

Legal custody provides a parent the right to make decisions that affect a child’s life. This includes educational, religious, and extra-curricular events they want to participate in. Sole physical custody is rarely granted to a parent unless there are extenuating circumstances involving the other parent.

Support Obligations

When a child spends more than 40% of their overnights with the non-custodial parent, child support can be reduced. With the help of a child visitation attorney in Stroudsburg, PA, they will properly calculate the amount of money a parent will receive or pay. If an agreement on child custody cannot be reached between the parties, a judge will make a decide for them.

Sound legal advice is key to making child custody proceed much smoother. They will keep you focused on making sound legal decisions that will affect your life and your child’s life. Learn more about us and how you can receive the help you need.

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