A Child Support Lawyer In Carrollton GA Will Protect Your Interests

Establishing or modifying a child support order can be frustrating and nerve-wracking. The paying parent rarely wants to pay the money because they think the other parent will spend it all on themselves. The receiving parent wants the money to help pay for things for the child. The parents of a child must financially support them whether or not they live with them. Understanding the law and establishing or modifying a court order for this requires a Child Support Lawyer in Carrollton GA.

A parent cannot waive a child’s right to receive child support. Child support is to be used for housing, food, and clothing for a child. A parent can pay child support directly to a parent, but most child support is deducted from a parent’s pay and then disbursed to the receiving parent.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

The court will take into account the amount of income each parent receives from work or other sources like disability or workers’ compensation. If one parent pays for medical insurance for the children, the amount they pay will be part of the calculation. If a child has special needs and the amount of time a parent spends with their child will also be taken into consideration.

If a parent quits a job to avoid paying child support, their income might be imputed for child support purposes. The same holds true for a person who stops working to receive more child support from the paying parent. A Child Support Lawyer in Carrollton GA can help to protect a paying or receiving parent’s rights.

Modification Of A Child Support Order

In some situations, a modification of child support order must take place. Modification of an order uses the same law as establishing a support order. There must be a significant change in circumstances to change a court order. An experienced attorney can guide a parent through this process.

If you need to establish or modify a child support order, it’s not recommended to do it alone. Miscalculation of a child support order can be difficult to change in the future. Get more information by visiting an experienced family law attorney today.

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