A Child Support Attorney in St. Peters, MO Will Help You Establish or Modify an Order

If you are just beginning the process to file for child support due to a divorce or a paternity determination of a child, it is important to hire a child support attorney in St. Peters, MO. This process can be very difficult to understand when it comes to calculating child support and the amount of income each parent has. In addition to establishing a child support order, an attorney can help you modify an existing order due to a change in circumstances.

Both parents of a child are legally responsible for financially supporting their child until they reach the age of eighteen or graduate high school. In most situations, child support payments will stop at that time. If the parents agree, the paying parent will provide support through their child’s college.

Day Care

When child support is being determined, the court will take into account which parent is paying for the additional expense of childcare. When both parents are working full-time, this amount can be very high. Childcare is normally split between the parents and is based on their combined net income.

When a Parent Moves

If a parent moves across state lines in the hope they will avoid paying child support, The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) will be used. Every state gives full faith and credit to final court judgments and will attach a parent’s paycheck in another state. The original court that issued the child support order will retain jurisdiction to modify the order.

Modifying or Enforcing an Order

In order for a parent to modify or enforce an order, they will need the help of a child support attorney in St. Peters, MO and the court. Modification of a child support order might take place when an individual is unemployed due to no fault of their own, becomes ill, unusual circumstances have developed for the child, and much more. When a parent is not paying their child support, they could lose their license, have their income tax refund intercepted and sent to jail.

If you are facing a child support case to obtain, modify or are concerned about paying an excessive amount of child support, it’s important to contact Niedner Law. Early intervention by an attorney will help you receive the legal advice you need.

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