A Brief Overview of the Service Provided by a Bail Bond Agency in North Richland Hills

When someone has been arrested and taken to jail, this person feels a compelling need to get home to the family and back to work as soon as possible. What can the family do if they are struggling financially and don’t have $5,000 to pay the court for bail? A Bail Bond Agency in North Richland Hills provides surety bonds for a percentage of the bail, allowing the defendant to be released.

Service Fee

Typically, a Bail Bond Agency in North Richland Hills charges 10 percent of the cash amount for their service. That makes it much easier for the family to help their loved one, as they may be able to scrape together $500 even if they are having financial difficulties. The $5,000 amount is so far out of reach that they couldn’t imagine finding a way to pay that.

Time Frame

Whenever the family comes up with the money, they can complete the application for a surety bond with an agency like Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds. This type of agency is available at any time of day. Police sometimes arrest people in the middle of the night or on a weekend, and the defendant doesn’t want to stay in jail any longer than is absolutely necessary. Details on this agency can be viewed at website.com.

The length of time required for the bonding process varies a great deal, depending on numerous factors. The agency cannot guarantee how quickly the defendant will be released, but it should happen within 12 hours maximum. Some important factors are how many workers are at the jail and how many inmates, along with the number of arrests they have had to process that day and the number of inmates being bailed out.

Post-Release Requirements

Once the person has been bailed out, it’s imperative that he or she make all court dates as required. This person also must stay out of trouble with the law. Skipping a court appearance or getting arrested again will most assuredly result in the privilege of bail being revoked and having to wait behind bars until the case is over. If the district attorney does not offer a plea bargain, the wait could take months.

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