A Bankruptcy Attorney Provides You With Support From Start to Finish

There’s no denying the fact that facing bankruptcy is tough. It’s an emotional roller coaster as you make the decision to give up on your debts all at once in order to move forward with your life. But, it’s a necessary one as the debt you hold is keeping you down, unable to get ahead. You don’t have to do this alone when you retain a bankruptcy attorney to help you with the process. Having an attorney gains you an ally in your final goal to become debt-free. Not only do you get support in the form of having experienced help with the petition, you also get someone who can keep your stress to a minimum.

In order to successfully eliminate debt through bankruptcy, you have to be able to prove you are in definite need of that relief. It may seem obvious to you that your only way out is to petition the court, but the court has no idea of how bad of a shape you are in. Proving your case is done through the petition itself, and it’s a complicated packet of paperwork. When you have a bankruptcy attorney on retainer, almost all of this work is done for you, eliminating the need for you to take a crash course in trying to understand the process.

The lawyer gets the case opened for you with the court, and follows its progression on your behalf. She also makes sure that all challenges are answered, acts as counsel during the 341 meeting with the trustee overseeing your case, and keeps you informed about everything that happens. All of this is done so as to keep you informed and to reassure that everything is progressing as planned. It is her job to see that you reach the desired result, whether it be a payment plan you can afford, or a proper discharge at the end of the specified period of time. A successful outcome means that you can walk away from your financial burdens and rebuild your credit rating once again.

For more information about filing bankruptcy, contact the Rapa Law Office, P.C., to set up a consultation with an attorney.


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