5 Things Companionship Care Can Do for Your Senior Parent

Finding a caregiver for your senior parent can help in more ways than one. Here’s what companionship care services can do for your family.

Reduce their loneliness

A poll conducted by the National Poll on Healthy Aging shows that about a third of seniors in the U.S. are lonely, Time reports. That impacts your elderly loved one’s health and leads to high levels of functional decline. This will affect your loved one’s ability to carry out daily tasks such as dressing themselves, walking, going up the stairs, and more. Hiring a companion can lower the amount of time they spend alone and, therefore, prevent depression.

Monitor their health

It’s easy to miss changes in your parent’s health. A companion caregiver is in the best position to monitor and watch out for those health changes. That way, you’re well aware of what’s happening with your loved one.

Plan meals

The older your parent is, the harder it may be for them to prepare meals. That puts them at risk of malnutrition, so don’t let that happen. A companion caregiver can help by taking over those tasks, from washing and chopping the vegetables to cooking the meal.

Go on outings

Seniors have trouble getting out of the house since they can no longer drive safely. Companions can drive your parent around, whether to their doctor’s appointments or just for a day of fun. The change in scenery will also keep them from getting bored.

Help them exercise

Everybody knows exercise is good for you, but if your senior parent isn’t fond of workouts, you may have a hard time encouraging them to exercise daily on their own. Hiring a companion means you can count on someone to motivate them and assist them during the exercises.

There are plenty of benefits to hiring companionship care. If you’re ready to talk about your in-home care options, reach out to Capital City Nurses. Call 866-807-7307.

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