5 Reasons to Sell More Paint Sundries

If you are in the paint and paint supply business, you may need to keep a large inventory to satisfy your customers’ needs. However, it may be in your best interests to expand your product line and offer more paint sundries. Here are 5 reasons to consider this strategy for your company.

1. Diversify

Painters and paint distributors love to choose from a wide range of products. This gives them a chance to offer more things to their customers. A diverse range of tools and supplies makes you look like a large company.

2. New Customers

Are you interested in earning new customers? It may be as easy as offering paint sundries no one else has. For instance, many painters may appreciate painting cups designed to hang on their paint cans. They also come with a magnetized brush holder. If someone has to go elsewhere to buy supplies from you, they may decide to get the rest of their things there too.

3. Extra Income

The more products you sell, the higher your profits climb. If you are not sure about some paint sundries, just order a few at first. Try a special promotion or giveaway to see if the new supplies are of interest to your customers.

4. Become a “One-Stop Shop”

If your customers can trust your company for all their painting needs, they have no reason to look elsewhere. When you become the “go to” source, it establishes customer loyalty. Loyal customers stay with you in good times and bad.

5. Keep Up with or Surpass Competitors

If you do not continue to improve upgrade or enhance your product line, your competition may soon move in on you. To stay ahead in the paint game, you should take a look at your offerings regularly and see where you can make improvements.

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