4 Tips to Avoid RV Buying Mistakes

Nobody wants to go home with a lemon. If you’re shopping for a used RV for sale in Greensboro, NC, make sure you get a good rig for so much less than the price you would have paid for a brand-new RV. The following tips should help you avoid most of the common buying mistakes.

Buying an RV Unseen

A physical check and inspection of the RV always yields a wealth of information. If you can’t be there in person, then send someone you trust to check the state of the RV. Don’t buy one sight unseen or you could end up with a model that’s much, much worse that you could have been led to believe.

Not Checking for Mold

Be sure to ask the person you sent to inspect the RV to check for molds. There isn’t usually a visible sign of that problem on the floors or ceilings. However, the interior will show signs of leaks or water problems, which could lead to mold. Also, a musty smell is a good sign of mold.

Not Checking the RV

Have the inspector go over the floors, check the exterior trim and the state of the screws. Is everything clean and in good shape? Or are there visible signs of rust and corrosion? The last two are bad and means you’ll be better off looking for another RV elsewhere. Be sure to test the walls, check if the roof is still sturdy, and if the exterior panels are all right or already show signs of corrosion.

Choose a Reputable Seller

When you buy a used RV, do your homework. Figure out which sellers are reliable in your area. What kind of reputation does the seller have? Is it a good one? What does the feedback say? How long has the firm been in business?

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