4 Things to Consider When Buying a Water Softening System

A water softening appliance removes the magnesium and calcium present in hard water. The appliance then replaces these metals with either potassium or sodium. Over time, hard water can cause damage to piping and fixtures. It leaves calcified residue on faucets and taps, and it also makes your laundry stiff and discolored. Hard water can also increase your heating bill. It can cause your boiler to malfunction due to all of the heavy metals that are present, and it can cause the boiler to take longer to reach the desired temperature.

Household Energy

Before you purchase your home water softener, you should first monitor how much water you use. The average American family uses around 500 gallons per day. This can be a useful figure to keep in mind when browsing for water softeners in Lincoln, NE. You don’t want a softener that does more than needed, as this will just raise your utility costs needlessly. You also don’t want a softener that doesn’t do enough, or it wouldn’t be very effective.

Type of System

There are two types of water systems. One type softens the water at a specified time on an automatic cycle. This type of softener also has a timer that displays when the water is soft, so it turns off to preserve energy. The second type is a manual softener. You turn this on only when it is needed. This type is a better option for families that use a different amount of water each day.

Cleaning Your System

Another factor you should look into when purchasing your water softener is the cleaning aspects. Regardless of what type of water softener is purchased, you should always make sure that you clean it regularly. If you don’t, you could risk cross contamination due to there not being enough salt in the system or a buildup of residue. Many companies can offer advice on how to clean various water softener systems. Larger systems may need more extensive cleaning when compared to smaller compact systems. Your choice of system comes down to your personal needs and preferences. From twin alternating systems to energy efficient designs, there are plenty of options on the market.

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