4 Signs of a Broken Dishwasher

Do you know when to call dishwasher repair services in Alpharetta, Georgia? There are four signs indicating the appliance needs some professional attention. When you correct these problems early, you can avoid the high cost of replacing the unit.

1. Loud Noises

Do you hear a grinding or screeching sound? Chances are the motor is dying out. Another possibility is that a foreign object is trapped in the sprayer arm. In either case, a trained technician should service the system.

2. Leaks

Is there water settling in the front or back of the appliance? If so, take action quick. Turn off the valve to the main water source. Faulty valves or hoses are the most common cause of leaks. Dishwasher repair services in Alpharetta, Georgia can give you a simple fix for this issue.

3. Inadequate Water Flow

There are several parts that impact the way the unit uses and distributes water. The cycle timer, inlet valve, supply hose, drain hose and float switch are key components in the process. If any one of these mechanisms malfunctions, the drainage system will either clog or overflow. The repairman can pinpoint the parts you need and thus avoid the cost of having to buy a new model.

4. Dirty Dishes

Food remains, moldy odor or wet tableware are symptoms of a faulty dishwasher. The culprit may be the heating system. Cold or tepid water does not properly clean and rinse away food particles. This can cause mold buildup as well. In some cases, drying cycles are breaking down. A technician can diagnose and solve the problem.

Changing faulty parts is a more affordable option than replacing your appliance. As long as you recognize the signs ahead of time, you can dodge the high price of a replacement. Dishwasher repair services in Alpharetta, Georgia can identify and fix these common problems so you can extend the life span of your unit. Visit website for more information.

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