4 Residential Repairs That Require a Professional Austin Electrician

Unlike repairing a creaky door hinge home electrical repair for your Austin home is not something to do on your own. Instead, a trained electrician can handle repairs and services that are dangerous for inexperienced hands.

To avoid electrocution, an electrical fire, or serious consequences, here are four common issues that need a professional.

1. Repeated Burned-out Fuses

Fuses may become burned out or blown when too much electricity passes through them. Repeatedly blown fuses could mean you are overloading the electrical system. It could also mean there is a short circuit that requires an electrician.

2. Burning Smells

Check the outlet for smoke damage or scorch marks if burning smells are coming from it. Stop using the outlet and contact an electrical repair service immediately.

3. Loose Outlets

One reason your power outlets come loose is the electrical box is too far back. This is a hazardous situation that requires re-wiring home electrical repair in Austin.

4. Small Shocks

Although it is relatively common for shocks to occur when unplugging items, faulty wiring can cause shocks in unexpected places. Call an electrical technician if shocks happen even when you do not grab the metal prongs when unplugging things.

Get Help with Professional Electrical Repair Services

When you need to trust your home to high-quality electrical service, TruTec Electric is the one to call. For over 20 years, their team of experts has provided excellent, reliable home electrical repair in Austin at competitive prices.

TruTec Electric upholds the highest standards of safety for a variety of repairs, installations, upgrades, and maintenance.

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