4 Necessities All Military Officer Shoes Must Have in North America

If you are in the military, you know the importance of having high-quality boots. A good military officer shoe is durable so you don’t have to buy new shoes often. As an officer, you have to be ready to go on all terrains with very little notice. Your shoes need to have high-quality soles with tread for rough terrain. Here are four necessities all military boots need.

Durable and Quality is Key

Military officer shoes are made from sturdy, waterproof leather with breathable leather in certain places near your feet. They have a hard sole with lots of traction for all weather including snow and mud. Military boots are built durably and will last for many months.

Good Tread for Rugged Terrain

Military officers must be able to walk in all types of terrain. A good shoe will have plenty of tread for walking in the mud and snow. It must be comfortable to wear when walking on flat surfaces like floors, sidewalks and streets.

Provides Ankle Stability

You need excellent support for your ankles so you don’t twist them when running through rugged terrain. Good military officer shoes are sturdy around your ankles and breathable near your feet.

Built for Comfort

Boots for military officers should be comfortable and include technology like ventilated side panels. They should keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

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