3 Types Of Paint Sundries You Should Offer In Your Paint Supply Store

Perhaps you have been working as a contractor painting residential or commercial structures and are now considering opening your very own paint supply business. As you begin to think about your store location, you might also want to think about the types of paint supply you will be selling. Here are 3 types of paint sundries you should consider including when opening your paint supply business.

Painter’s Plastic

Aside from offering top-quality paints, painter’s plastic, also known as plastic masking film, should also be included in your inventory of supply offerings. As you are aware, this type of plastic does wonders for a contractor who will be tackling a job inside a home or business. It helps protect items inside like rugs, furniture, and appliances, making this an important type of paint sundry to include in your supply store.

Bucket Grid

Paint trays are great but can quickly become an inconvenience, especially for larger projects. A bucket grid offers contractors an easy way to remove excess paint off the roller cover. They come in several sizes to fit typical size buckets of paint from 1 gallon to 5 gallons and are directly inserted into the paint container.

Painter’s Mitt

A painter’s mitt is used to apply paint on hard to reach surfaces. Convenient and effective, a painter’s mitt is ideal to use when painting fences, spindles, wrought iron, and industrial equipment. There are two types of painter’s mitts you should consider offering in your paint supply store, polyester and lambskin.

The Bottom Line

These are only to mention 3 types of paint sundries you should consider offering to your customers when opening your own paint supply business. Be the one-stop-shop that offers top-quality paints, rollers, and other important paint supplies by including these items in your store.

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