3 Tips for Keeping Your New York City Persian Rug in Great Condition

If you’re looking for unmatched beauty, consider purchasing a Persian rug. With that in mind, make sure you know how to properly care for these items. Here are three great ways to take proper care of Persian rugs.

Keep Your Rugs Away From Sunlight

It’s great to have the warmth of natural sunlight as it brightens the interior of your home. If you are letting natural light into your home, make sure it isn’t touching any of your Persian rugs. As sunlight continues to land on these rugs, it’s going to cause discoloration.

Treat Spills Right Away

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid spilling a drink inside of your home. Considering that, it makes sense to become extremely worried after you spill a beverage on a Persian rug. After this happens, act fast to remove as much liquid off of your rug as possible. To avoid accidentally causing further damage to this item, find a company that restores Persian rugs in New York City.

Regularly Flip Your Rug

If your Persian rug is on a floor, it’s going to wear down over time. To slow this process, make sure you’re flipping your rug regularly. This helps to avoid one side of your rug wearing out faster than the other side. You’ll also find that doing this helps to naturally untangle your rug’s fringes.

If you need help restoring your Persian rugs in New York City, contact Business Name. To see samples of this company’s past restoration projects, visit us online.

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