3 Signs You Should Get Water Softeners For Your West Bend Home

Hard water can cause a number of worrisome headaches, but there is an easy way to treat your water to improve its quality. Essentially, hard water has too many calcium and magnesium ions, but water softeners in West Bend, WI, negate these compounds. The biggest problem may be in identifying hard water if you don’t know the signs of this condition.

Mineral Deposits

The most obvious sign that you have hard water is the appearance of mineral deposits on the faucets in your home. You may also see these deposits in tea kettles and coffee pots. Look for a lime-green discoloration to identify a hard water problem.

Dry Skin and Hair

If you struggle with dry skin or hair, the problem may not be the type of conditioner you use. Even the best shampoo or conditioner won’t help improve your hair’s health if you’re washing it with hard water. Similarly, lotion may help your skin, but you won’t really alleviate the cause until you address your hard water issues.

Damaged Clothes and Linens

Hard water can also affect the quality of your clothes as you do the laundry at home. Hard water can cause clothing to lose its coloration, leaving them with a grayish appearance. Bedding, towels, and other linens will also become rough and scratchy when washed in hard water. These issues can be alleviated by using water softeners in West Bend, WI.

You can learn more about improving the quality of your home’s water by visiting Schaefer’s Soft Water online at http://schaeferssoftwater.com.

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