3 Reasons Why You Should Add a Modern Pergola to Your Back Yard

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Security

This is the year when you want to make some changes to your residential landscape. But what should you add to the space? One addition that works well in just about any back yard is a modern pergola. If you’re wondering how it would make a difference, consider these reasons:

Visual interest

Visual appeal is a big reason to consider this addition to the landscape. A pergola provides an eye grabbing focal point that helps to define the character of the back yard. By providing a sturdy vertical structure a pergola can open up space to bring climbing flowering plants up off the ground to eye level creating a multi-dimensional visual experience.

Add Additional Living Space

Adding a pergola provides you with one more place to sit and enjoy being outside together with friends and family. With the addition of comfortable furnishings suitable for outdoors, a pergola is an easy way to create a completely new space for people to congregate, to eat, read, or just sit and talk. This allows you to get far greater use and utility from the backyard, an often under-utilized space in many homes.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Don’t forget that the addition of a modern pergola also means more shaded area on hot summer days so the family can stay outside and enjoy the outdoors even on the hottest of days. As the greenery begins to cover the sides and top, it provides the ideal balance of light and shade creating a cool and inviting space to be outside and enjoy nature.

Talk with a professional today about the design, style, and size of pergola that would best suit your home and your needs. The process from planning and design to installation is often quick and efficient. Get started today!

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