3 Reasons Why Customers Rent a Drive Up Storage Unit in York, PA

Anyone who has passed a York self-storage business has probably wondered why people rent units and what items they store. The answer is that most customers who rent a drive up storage unit in York, PA are solving problems. Although there are as many reasons as customers, a huge number rent units when they are moving, de-cluttering or need a safe place to keep sports and hobby gear.

Storage Units Can Hold Sports Equipment

Many customers rent a drive up storage unit in York, PA to hold hobby materials and sports gear when they are not in use. For instance, customers may have small kayaks or even sailboats that are only used during warm weather or on weekends. Clients who need a place for craft supplies often arrange for units through sites visit us website. Spaces routinely hold bicycles, ATV’s, motorcycles and team gear. Units are available in a wide range of sizes, so it is easy for customers to find one for their needs.

Self Storage Makes Moving Easy

It is also becoming common practice to put belongings into storage during household moves. That allows renters to keep their things safe and dry until they buy a house, finish college or simply locate a bigger home. Many retirees who are downsizing rent spaces where they can keep heirlooms or other things that they do not need but want to keep for future generations. In addition to standard units, storage facilities include air-conditioned spaces that are ideal for temperature-sensitive items.

Renting Storage Space Keeps Homes Organized

Homeowners may rent units in order to increase living space and de-clutter. Some clients store seasonal items like lawn equipment or snow blowers. Many put holiday decorations in storage. That preserves and organizes them. It also makes boxes and bins more easily accessible than they would be in typical attic or basement storage areas. Customers can simply drive up to their units and use one of the facility’s dollies to load and unload items quickly and efficiently. There is little need for lifting.

Self storage spaces
are always in demand because customers continue to find more creative uses for them. Rental units are already very popular among those who are moving, organizing homes or need to protect personal items when they are not in use.

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