3 Questions To Ask Painting Companies In Beaverton

Painting your home may seem like an easy do-it-yourself project, but it is a very demanding process that requires not only experience, but knowledge of the best paints and materials to use for the job. Hiring house painting services from a professional painting company allows any homeowner in the Beaverton area to ensure the job is done correctly.

To get started in choosing a painter, consider asking the following question to any companies under consideration. Top service providers like ESP Painting take the time to answer all questions, allowing homeowners to understand all aspects of the job.

Experience as Professional House Painters

With any type of house painting services, always ask about the experience of both the painting company as well as the team that will arrive to complete the interior or exterior painting for the home.

The more established the company and the longer the painters have worked in the industry, the more effective they are in providing quality, professional painting services.

Types of Paints Used

A top quality painting company always provides recommendations on the types of paints recommended for both interior and exterior painting jobs. In this area, paint that is resistant to moisture, as well as hot summer temperatures and cold winter temperatures, is essential for exterior work. Interior paint differs based on the room and the needs of the homeowner for washability and other factors.

The best painters can advise homeowners on the challenges of using lower quality paints, and how this can impact the expected life cycle of the paint. Ideally, longer lasting products offer the best return on investment.

Written Estimate

Professional house painting companies should provide a free written estimate for their work. These estimates can be very accurate when working with an experienced painting service, which is always an essential factor in budgeting for the project.

At ESP Painting, we provide all of our customers with exceptional service and customer support through our painting company.

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