3 Questions That a Professional Roofer Can Answer

While you may know some things about roofing, most homeowners have more questions than they have answers. That’s where the expertise and knowledge of a local roofer St. Augustine will make a difference. Here are three common questions that roofers hear often and what they can do to help homeowners find the right answers.

What Style Roof Would Work With My Home?

You’re thinking of replacing the current roof, but you’ve never been happy with the style. Would it be possible to go with a different style? A lot depends on the design of your home. A professional roofer can evaluate the setting and come up with suggestions for roof styles that would fit in with the home’s architectural style.

Are There Colors That Would Be Better For the Roof?

Choosing colors for roofs goes beyond personal preferences. Depending on the type of roofing material you want to use, some colors would do a better job of reflecting or absorbing heat from the sun’s rays. There is also the matter of selecting a color that works with the ones already used for the exterior. A roofer St. Augustine can help you understand what factors to consider as well as provide some suggestions that you are likely to find constructive.

Do I Need a New Roof or Are Repairs Enough?

It’s true that your roof has been around for quite a few years. While that indicates the possibility of needing a new roof, it’s not a surety until the roofer St. Augustine conducts a thorough inspection. Perhaps the roof is in generally good condition and would only need a few minor and inexpensive repairs to last for several more years. A reputable roofer will be more interested in providing the right answer to the homeowner than in pushing for something the customer doesn’t really need right now.

Do you have questions about your residential roof? The best way to find answers is to talk with a professional. Call a roofing company today and arrange for a roofer to inspect the current roof. It won’t take long to determine what needs to be done and have some ideas of how to proceed.

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