3 Important Things to Know About Divorce Cases in Bremerton WA

Are you thinking of filing for divorce in Washington? If you’ve never done it, you may not be very familiar with the state’s laws. However, with help from a experienced divorce attorney in Bremerton, WA, you may be able to work through the process more quickly and efficiently. Here are several divorce laws couples in Washington should know.

Community Property

Washington follows community property laws, which means that all debts and assets acquired during marriage will be equitably divided if a couple can’t agree. Money, retirement funds, the marital home, tax credits, business interests, insurance policies, and deferred compensation are just some of the assets to be divided. If it was gained during the course of a marriage, it will likely be considered marital property.

Marital Misdeeds are Irrelevant

Many people assume that they’ll gain preference in matters of child custody or asset division if the other spouse committed adultery. However, this simply isn’t true. Washington’s courts don’t consider marital misbehavior as a factor in these cases.

Not All Cases End in Alimony Awards

Alimony or spousal support awards are determined on an individual basis. The courts consider multiple factors when determining whether spousal support is appropriate, including each spouse’s earning potential, the duration of the marriage, and each spouse’s health and age. Your divorce attorney in Bremerton, WA, can give individualized advice.

Washington’s divorce laws are quite complex, which is why you should consult an attorney for guidance throughout the process. Call the Law Office of Scott Kalkwarf or visit kalkwarflaw.com to schedule a consultation.

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