3 Famous Uses of Rivets Formed from Steel Fabrication

Many items are created via steel fabrication. This process allows the steel to be shaped and moulded into various items. The longevity of steel makes it the ideal choice for creating many items, including stainless steel rivets.

Rivets and riveters have enjoyed some fame over the years. Without their use, the following three famous structures would not have been possible to enjoy.

The Eiffel Tower

You might guess that many iconic sights made from steel parts relied on steel fabrication to make their creation possible. The famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France is a great example of this. Rivets were used in their thousands to create the famous tower between 1887 and 1889. In total, two million are contained within the structure, as reliable today as the day that they were first installed.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The next time you see a photo of the famous bridge spanning Sydney Harbour, consider how long it took to build (eight years) and how many rivets were included in its creation. Some six million of them connect the different portions of the bridge to each other.

A 747 Plane

If you think too much about how a plane weighing around 306 tons gets into the air, you would not board it in the first place. Thinking about how many parts have gone into the creation of that plane is fascinating yet frightening for some. Around three million items are used to keep various parts of the plane together. some 1.5 million of those are stainless steel rivets. Something worth thinking about the next time you fly.

Fortunately, steel fabrication produces rivets and numerous other items that are built to last. Hence why the airline industry is very safe and flies hundreds of thousands of people around the globe every day.

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