3 Considerations When Choosing a Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One

The sad truth is, Dementia progresses over time. This condition can lead to difficulty doing routine tasks such as taking a bath or dressing. Unfortunately, it can even lead to accidents. If you think that caretaking for someone with Dementia is affecting your health, relationships, and work, it may be time to consider bringing your loved one to a memory care facility to be cared for properly.

When choosing a memory care service, here are three things that you should consider.

The Atmosphere

Look for a memory care facility where social activities are available, but that also has quiet places for your loved one to relax at peace. As with your own life, privacy is very important for the elderly, so you should make it a priority when choosing a memory care center.

If at all possible, choose a facility close to nature that offers outdoor activities!


Safety is of paramount importance. A dementia care facility that you can trust should come with an appropriate amount of operational smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. All doors and windows should come with locks, and stairways should come with grip strips and handrails.

In case of a medical emergency, check if the facility has doctors on call or a clinic that is equipped to handle medical emergencies. If it doesn’t, is there a hospital nearby?

The Staff

No matter how great the facility and its amenities, if the staff is poorly trained or have negative attitudes, your loved one will probably not have a positive experience. Before picking a dementia care service, chat with staff to determine whether they have a heart for what they do, or are they there just for the paycheck?

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