3 Common Questions Surrounding Window Cleaning in Patchogue NY

There are lots of components to keeping the inside and the outside of a home looking great. While some seem obvious like sweeping the front patio or dusting off pictures, there are several often overlooked tasks that homeowner tend to overlook. Window Cleaning in Patchogue NY doesn’t sound like a lot of fun and tends to require a lot of hard work. But the results can be well worth it. One of the best ways to get the windows taken care of it to turn the task over to the professionals at Ace Home Cleaning.

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Most people have their windows cleaned once or twice a year. A property can get by with a yearly cleaning, but the difference in the appearance of a home is considerable, making it appealing to have it done twice over the course of twelve months. Others choose to have the exterior windows taken care of quarterly as part of a home cleaning plan.

Can the Interior and Exterior Portions of the Windows be Cleaned?

Professional Window Cleaning in Patchogue NY can involve the inside and the outside of the windows. When the time comes to get a quote for the home, make sure to ask about both options to ensure they are covered in one price. If they aren’t it may be worth having the professionals take care of both while they are at the property, saving the homeowner some time and money.

What About the Blinds, Screens, and Curtains?

Many homeowners wonder if these things need to be removed before a cleaning company can come in and take care of the window cleaning. Most of the time these items can be left in place and the professionals will work around them. However, this is a great time to ask if the pros can clean up the screens and the blinds while they work on the windows. This will come with an additional fee, but it ensures that this part of the house is well taken care of all at the same time. Even if something like this isn’t on the menu of services, don’t be afraid to ask.

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