3 Benefits To Installing Warehouse Ceiling Fans

When most warehouses install ceiling fans, they are using the technology to break up the cold to hot layers of air that form in any enclosed area. By strategically positioning destratification fans throughout the building, the air is circulated from the sides and the top down to the floor, providing an even temperature throughout the building.

These warehouse ceiling fans have other benefits, as well. Often, these warehouse ceiling fans are installed to save on HVAC costs by allowing a more uniform temperature throughout the building, but it is the other benefits of the fans that also make them a top investment.

Eliminating Wet Floor Areas

A significant problem for workplace safety is slippery floors. Wet areas on floors, which are common in doorways or in areas where humidity is a problem in a warehouse with refrigeration sections, are particularly problematic. The addition of best warehouse ceiling fans helps to circulate air and assist in natural drying.

Preventing Condensation on Doors and Windows

In areas where a higher relative humidity in the air is an issue, condensation on windows and door creates visibility problems in any warehouse. By adding warehouse ceiling fans, this issue is also addressed. This can also help to prevent pooling of water at entrances as well as the condensation on packaging that can lead to product and packaging damage.

Assisting With Mold and Mildew Reduction

Circulating the air and controlling the temperature and humidity helps to reduce the risk of the development of mold and mildew. This not only helps to improve air quality, but it is also essential for the safe storage of products.

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