3 Benefits of Living Off-Campus in Lubbock for Your Next Semester at TTU

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Student Housing Center

If you have already spent one semester living in a dorm on campus, you already recognize the disadvantages of that option. Fortunately, you can find other options in the nearby community for TTU student off-campus housing. You may not know that federal student loans will cover your off-campus apartment. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a few practical advantages over dorm living.

Enjoy More Privacy

When you live off campus, you’ll have a traditional apartment with a private bedroom and private access to your own bathroom. Even if you decide to share a larger unit with one or two roommates, you’ll still enjoy this privacy in your daily life. Escaping to your bedroom when you don’t feel sociable or enjoying a private shower are some of the biggest selling points for off-campus apartments.

Indulge in the Extra Freedom

Living in a dorm requires abiding by the rules of the college. This often involves limiting your ability to entertain guests and adhering to an evening curfew. When you live in an off-campus rental, those rules will no longer apply to you. Guests can visit when you choose, and you can stay out later.

Stay Close to Community Amenities

When you live on campus, you might find it difficult to make it to a local grocery store or post office. This becomes especially challenging when you don’t own a car. Conversely, TTU student off-campus housing will be close to the campus while also keeping you close to community amenities. You’ll also find easy access to bus stops to make it easier to get around town.

If you’re looking for a convenient and comfortable off-campus home, visit Capstone Cottages of Lubbock online at https://capstonecottages.com/.

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