2 Benefits Of Using Tiles For Kitchen Flooring And Countertops

It is 2020 and this year you are wanting to renovate your kitchen. You are looking to remove the standard linoleum from your kitchen floors. You picture your kitchen to have a modern yet rustic feel so you are deciding between laminate or tiles. You are also looking to change the countertops as well. Today, we will discuss 2 benefits in using tiles over laminate for your kitchen floors and countertops.


One benefit of using tiles, whether ceramic or porcelain, is that it is easier to clean. While laminate can also bbe cleaned, it is not advisable to use steam cleaners or wet mops when cleaning them. This means you will not be able to sanitize or thoroughly clean your kitchen when using laminate for your flooring or countertops. Tiles provide you and easier way to clean and sanitize your kitchen as you can use steam cleaners or wet mops on them.


Not just for appearance, using tiles over laminate offers a more durable surface. Laminates may vary in thickness, however, the sturdiness of tiles are unmatched when it comes to using them for kitchen flooring and countertops. When using the kitchen one would want and need a durable surface to prep and cook on.

Husqvarna Diamond Blade

Whether you are an avid DIYer or are looking to hire a contractor to help you with your project, having the right tools is necessary when cutting and laying tiles. Wet saws are one of the best tools to use when tackling a kitchen tile project. A wet saw is only efficient and effective to use when used with a Husqvarna diamond blade. A Husqvarna diamond lade can be used not only for wet saws or tile saws, but it can also be used with handheld cutters and masonry saws. So when you are choosing blades for your project, use a Husqvarna diamond tile blade so you can cut accurately and precisely with ease.

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