The Roles and Responsibilities of an AC Company


Few places in the country experience the hazards of summer heat like Phoenix. During the height of the season, the average day temperatures often soar to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and above. These extreme temperatures make it vital for residents, business owners, and property managers to keep the number of a responsible and reliable local Phoenix AC company on hand at all times.

But what does it mean to be a responsible AC company? The following is a brief overview of the most important roles and responsibilities of AC and general HVAC contractors:

1. Employes properly trained technicians. Ask a prospective company about the level of training their technicians should have. Reputable groups will require their employees to either have extensive training on the job or an official technical degree from a quality vocational school. Additionally, technicians should undergo continuing certification and training as new equipment and regulations hit the market.

2. Fully insured. Homeowners and business owners should never be liable for the mistakes of an AC technician. Instead, every contractor, AC or otherwise, that you hire to come onto your property should carry both adequate general liability insurance in addition to worker’s compensation. That’s because reputable and quality AC companies know they are responsible for both their successes and their failures.

3. Good access to parts and equipment. Good AC companies aren’t there just to diagnose the issue. Rather, while this is part of their role, the primary role of an AC contractor is to resolve issues and so they must have easy and fast access to parts, tools, and equipment necessary to complete jobs. Look for a group that works with local warehouses and other groups to ensure timely repairs of any AC problem you might have.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities AC contractors and what credentials to look for, or for an estimate and review of your AC system, contact the Phoenix AC experts at Worlock Air Conditioning today.

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